Gear Rental
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Policies | Rental Gear
Rental Policies
Gear can be rented and returned during Office Hours, which during Winter School are Mondays 6-7pm and Thursdays 9pm-late. You must be a Yale outing club member (YO, YMC, or Forestry Outing) to rent gear; you can join when you make your first rental. You are allowed to rent gear for up to two people.
Renting: You need to leave a deposit check when you rent the gear. This is to cover the cost of replacing gear that is lost or damaged. See the rental gear list for details. We will destroy your deposit check once you return the gear safely.
Returning: Gear must be returned at Office Hours within 1 week of the rental date. To rent for longer you must make special arrangements with the gear staff. Germany: viagra generika.
Rental fees are collected when the gear is returned. While the deposit must be a check, fees can be paid by cash (exact change only), check, or debit/credit card. Fees are based on the number of days the gear was actually used (not the length of rental). See the rental gear list for the daily fees.
Restricted Gear
Most Yale outing club gear can be rented by all club members. However, some technical items, such as technical ice tools and mountaineering tents, require the permission of gear manager before they can be rented. See the Officers page for the manager’s e-mail.
Late Fees
Rentals not returned within a week—unless special arrangements are made—are considered late. We assess late fines at the rate of one day’s rental for every office hour the gear is overdue. If gear (or payment) is very late, we will send you a reminder email. In the worst case, we reserve the right to cover the cost of replacing gear using your deposit check.
Damage to Gear
Members renting gear are responsible for any loss, theft, breakage or other damage to equipment. You should inspect gear before rental so that you are not charged for existing damage. We will do our best to keep track of such damage so that no one is caught by surprise. Gear must be returned clean and dry. We do not accept returned gear that is dirty or wet.
All gear will be inspected upon return. Members returning damaged gear will be charged for the repair and/or replacement cost, as determined by the gear manager.
Winter School
A few special rental policies for when Winter School is in session (in February).
  • Winter School trip participants have priority over other members when renting gear.
  • Rentals cannot be extended beyond 1 week.
  • Members may rent group gear when a trip leader requests that they do so. This may include gear normally reserved for leaders of official trips, such as first aid kits and emergency tents. Members who rent these group items are responsible for them and must leave a deposit for them, but they will not be charged rental fees.
Other Information
This rental system, based on the model of the MIT Outing Club, functions by requiring single individuals to take personal responsibility for rentals.
Gear is available to Yale outing club members on a first-come basis. We do not accept reservations, from groups or from individuals. Check out gear early rather than late in the week to make sure you have what you need for your trip.
It is the member's responsibility, not the clubs’, to understand how to use rented gear properly, as well as to understand the limitations of the gear. You should only rent gear that you are qualified to use. Outdoor recreation involves an inherent degree of risk. Renters should be aware that gear may fail, even when used properly. It is the individual’s responsibility to be safe and to use proper judgment with rental gear. Please be safe.